Saturday, November 8, 2008

LoVe SmS

Koi kisi se juda ho khuda na kare,
Kisi ka pyar bewafa wo khuda na kare
Juda ho jaye is jism se jaan
Yaar ko khuda kabhi juda na kare !
Uski dharkan main meri yaad abhi baqi hai,
Ye haqeeqat mere jeenay k liye kafi hai,
Akele to bohat jiye hain hum,
Tere sath jeenay ki hasrat abhi baqi hai

Soti hon to paas ho tum,
Jagti hon to Ehsaas ho tum,
Mere Hontoo ki pyaas ho tum,
Itna mat satao meri jaan,
Mere jeene ki aas ho tum
Teri har ada muhabbat si lagti hai,
Ek pal judai mudddat si lagti hai,
Pehle nahi tha socha ab sochtay hain,
Zindagi k har lamhay main teri zaroorat si lagti hai.
Without Love -- dayz are
shatterday... so be in Luv everyday..
Dooriyon ko judai mat kehna,
In khamoshiyon ko narazgi mat kehna,
Her haal main sath den ge aapka,
Zindagi ne sath na dia to be wafa mat kehna
___________________ _______________
Something in ur smile which speaks to me,Something in ur voice which sings to me,Something in ur eyes which says to me,That u are the dearest to me....
No one is too young for love, because love doesn't come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age.
___________ _____________________
There's a warmth in my heart. It haunts me when U R gone. Mend me 2 ur side and never let go. The more I live The more I know, wat's simple is true, I love you.


Why do I miss you? Because u make me smile. U are so kind. U are so sweet. U are funny. And most of all, because u are not texting me any more. That's Y.

Love is unselfish,
understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart
and not with its mind.
Love is the answer
that everyone seeks...
Love is the language
that every heart speaks.

When it rains, you don't see the sun, but it's there. Hope we can be like that. We don't always see each other, but we will always be there for each other.
Kabhi to koi aisa lamha bhi aata hoga...
Jab tu meri yaad ka deep jalata hoga...
Waqt-e-dua jab tu haath utha-ta hoga...
Teri duaon main mera naam bhi aata hoga...
When it rains, you dont see the sun, but its there.
Hope we can be like that.
We dont always see each other,
but we will always be there for one another.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friendship SmS

Dosti naam hai saath daine ka, Dosti naam hai insaniat ka, Dosti naam hai qhuloos ka, Dosti naam hai khushiyan daine ka, Dosti naam hai dil mai utarne ka, Dosti naam hai doost ki burai dafan karne ka, Dosti naam hai apnaiyat ka, Dosti naam hai bharoose ka, Hai woh shakash bohat anmol, Joo sachhee dosti ke mazbut, Bandhan mein bandha hua hai.
kayi raaz aise hote hain jo dikhaye nahi jaate kayi kisse aise hote hain jo
sunaye nahi jaate kayi dil aise hote hain jo tode nahi jaate aur kuch aap jaise
dost aise hote hain jo chore nahi jaate ...
one day Love and friendship met. Love asked-when i already exist why are you here? friendship replied "to make faces smile when u leave the tears!!!" Friendship is the best thing in the world as there is no scope for tears if your friend is good.
If u are a chocolate you are the SWEETEST, If u are a teddy bear you are the most HUGGABLE, If u are a star you are the BRIGHTEST, and since you are my friend...U R THE BEST !!!
Aik khoobsurti...Aik zindagi....Aik dosti...Aik narazgi...Aik sapna...Aik As....Aik rishta....Aik ehsas...Aik friend kuch khas...Uss ka sms aup k paas........ !
Hum kia kerain ap sms Send kertay nahi hain..Hamare intezaar main betaabi ka End kertay nahi hain...Ager chahtay ho hamari dosti k liye Apply kerna..To mseg miltey hi fauran Reply kerna.

2-Apunka dil

3-Apunka style

4-Apunka smile

5-Apunka mobile

6-Apunka sms

7-Apunka dost yani tum........
When I pray I don't see God, but I know he listensAs such, When I SMS U I don't see you,but I know you think of me and Smiles
Sweet is your "Nature"Dear is your "Name" As Earth wants Water, flower wants Dew.I want nothing…But Happiness for You.
Milna bichirnasab ooper waleka khel hai,Milna bichirnasab ooper waleka khel hai,DOSTI hi ek rishta hai jo"NOT FOR SALE" hai...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY
A Birthday is A Million Moments, Each holding A Promise Of Fulfillment Of UR Dreams, & ACCOMPLISHMENTS Of Some Special Plans.. Wish U A Very Happy B'DAy.
Happy birthday to you. may you have many more. you have been a great friend to me. i have a little wish, may we be friends, till the world ends.

English Funny

I have a confession to make
ever since i met u its been hard for me to 4get u
every night i see u in my dreams
and find myself shouting
Another Moon?... Possible
Another Sun?... Possible
Another Sky?... Possible
Another person Like U?... Impossible
'Coz God can't make the same Mistake twice
At NightI MISS U
In GardenI MISS U

My Stolen ChappalI really MISS YOU

Teri jheel si aankhon mein doob jaane ko dil chahta haiPar phir khayal aata hai, sala apun ko swimming kahan aata hai
Tcher: 3 grls are walking in da road. Turn the sentence in to exclamitory.
studnt: WOW!
What do u call a woman in heaven? An Angel. A crowd of woman in heaven? A host of Angels. And all woman in heaven? PEACE ON EARTH
Birdy birdy in the sky, left a poopie in my eye. Me don't care, me don't cry, me just happy that a cow can't fly!!
One out of four people is a chinese. If your father, your mother and your brother are not Chinese, it must be you.
You have the ones that think and you have the ones that do things. The worst kind are those who think that they are doing things.
Once a chunti saw a dali of Gur , she went to eat it, but on the way she saw a muscular chunta,she left the gur and went to chunta,because, GUR NALO ISHQUE MITHA, oyehoy
Your smile can be compared to a flower, ur voice can be compared to a cuckoo, ur innocence to a child, but in stupidity u have no comparison you r the best.
Why do couples hold hands during their wedding day?.?.?.?.... It is just a formality, like two boxers shaking hands b4 the fight begins !
College : A place where papa pays beta plays.
Discipline : Word which is missing from students dictionary.
Hostel : Modern hospital, visited by special patients, suffering from a disease called studies.
Pocket : That which is mostly empty except for the first few days of the month
im at the police station.The police caught me & filed a case against me "possession of good looks".i'm doomed! i need someone ugly 2 bail me out-so hurry up!

Heartbreaks will last as long as you want and Cut as deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them

i want 2 take u for a romantic dinnersit by candle liteshower u wht flowersand say those 3 magical words PAY THE BILL, MERI JAANOO
If ur world is spining Round & Round..& Round....Ur heart is beating fast ,do u think its LOVE? na Munna na its called high B/P...

I've written a poem for you:Twinkle twinkle little star,you should know what you are,and once you know what you are,Mental hospital is not so far.

Urdu Funny Sms

Bhai Log!!!

Ghajini dekhne k baad mujhe andaza hua hai k Aapka Bhai bhi AAMIR KHAN se kuch kam nahi hai.

Main bhi parhta hon,
Samajhta hon.

Phir 15 minute k baad sab bhool jata hon.
Ab Bush ke baad Obama

Zara sambhal ke Qadam rakhna Iraq me Obama

Bush ko pare hai joote

Tera to utar dein ge Pajama.
Santa was busy in removing a wheel from auto,

Banta asks: Y r u removing a wheel from ur auto?

Santa: Can't u read 'Parking for two wheelers only.
Teacher: Main teri Maa Hoti Tou Main Tujhy 2 Din Main Sudhaar Deti ...

Pathan: Madam, Kal Tak Main Apne Papa Sy Mashwara Kar k Bata Doonga ... ;->

Sardar goes 2 Gulabo's home and knocks the door.

Gulabo: Kon?

Sardar: Mein!

Gulabo: Mein kon?

Sardar: Tu Gulabo hor kon!!!
Boy: Challte Chalte Yunhi Ruk Jata Hoon Main Bethe Bethe Yunhi Kho Jata Hoon Main Kya Ye Hi Pyaar Hai . . .???

Girl: Nahi Ye Kamzori Hy Subha Shaam Glucose Piya Karo . .
Jab apka SMS ata hai mera rom machal jata haiSara badan kaamp jata haiDil main gudgudi hoti haiStupid, yeh apka kasoor nahi, mera phone Vibrator per hota hai
1980 girls: Mom mei Jeans pehanungi
Mom : Nahin beti log kya kahengey?

Todays girls: Mom mein mini skirt pehanungi

Mom: Pehen le beti kuch to pehan le!
BHIKARI: Saab Rs.6 dedo chai pini he
MAN: kyo? chai to 3 ki hoti hai.
Bikhari: Saath me giflfriend b hai
Men: Bhikari hokar b giflfriend banali?
Bikhari: Na saab. giflfriend ne bhikari bana diya.
What is difference between Watch and Wife?
Ek kharaab hoti hai to band ho jaati hai aur doosri kharab hoti hai to chaloo ho jaati hai.
Ek Student Dusre Se:
Aaj Kuch Khatarnak Kaam Karne Ka Maan Kar Raha Hai
2nd Student: To Phir Chal Kar Thori Parhai Karte Hein . .
eik admi ko eik bottle mili us ne us bottle ko khola to ander se eik jin nikla
jin:hukam mery aka
aka:mujhy london se lay ker pakistan tek eik bridge bana ker do
jin:aka hukam kerny ko bola hai bakwas kerny ko nai
Sardar sent sms to Santa: Bhejnewala Mahaan, padhnewala Gadha.
Santa got angry and replied: Bhejnewala Gadha, padhnewala Mahaan
Husbnd: tm se shadi kr k mjhe ek faayeda tou hua hy,
wife: konsa? Husbnd: mjhe apne sare gunahoun ki saza dunia me he mil gaie.
Sardar: Oye Yaar! agar electricity nahi hoti to kya hota?
Santa: Kuch nahi yaar, hame candle light me T.V dekhna padta…
Wife Husband Se : Woh dekho ladka mujhe smile de raha hai....
Husband : Smile nahi de raha jab maine tmhe pehli baar dekha tha to mere bhi hansi nikal gaye thii.....
Bengali patient: Doctor sahab,
potla-potla totti aata hai,
khane ko man nahin karta hai.
Doctor: Yeh lo dawai,
mota-mota totti aayega,
jaise marzi kaat ke khana
Sunny: Kal movie dekhi,

usme na koi scene tha,

na koi aawaz.
Bunny: Naam kya tha film ka.

Sunny: NO DISC
Teacher: is line ki English banao,
"usne apna kaam kiya or karta hi gya"
Sardar: He done his work and Done Dana Dan Done Dana Dan...
Beta: Papa apki shadi ho gai?
Papa: Yes.Beta: kis se?
Papa: apki mama se.
Beta: aap to bade hi chalak nikley ghar mai hi chakkar chala liya !
Aik doctor apne dost se:
“yar mai soch raha hon k is gaon main apna clinic khol lon.
Dost:”tumhara khyal to naik hy magar yahan ka qabristan chota hai.
Santa Singh, zebra crossing ki black & white patte par bar bar idhar-udhar chalta tha,
woh kya soch raha hoga....think....... ?"

Lady Dr: Tum roz subah clinic ke bahar khare hokar aurtoon ko kyun ghoorte ho?
Circuit: Bai ji aapich wahan likha na - Aurton ko dekhne ka samay 9am-11am.
Zindagi Mein Tum Bohat Aage Jaaoogay,
Kyonkay Jahan Bhi Tum Jaooge
Sab Kahaingay,

Chal be Chal Aagay Chal !!!!

Dil karta hai har pathar pe likhon

or wo har pathar
apko maroon


ta k apko ye ehsas to ho

kay apki yaad mai kitna dard hai !!!
Memon to his Son: Beta shadi k din susral walay ghari dein tu suit mang lena.Scooter dein tu car mang lena,dokan dien tu ghar.Beta: Dad larki dein to uski maa mang lon?
3 sardars were going on a motorcycle.
Policeman gives hand to stop....
sardar shouted : Oye Pagal hai kya tu teen pehle hi bahite hain tu kahan bhaite ga....
Judge Mujrim se: Tum teesri baar adaalat main aa rahy ho,
Tumhain sharam nahi aati?
Mujrim: ha ha ha haTum roz aatay ho tumko aati hai kya?

Ek Sardar doctor k pass gaya or bola k ghar ja ker mareez check karnay k kitnay pesay logay?Doctor : 300 rs.
Sardar : chlain doctor sahab.

Ghar puhanchay to docor ne pocha k mareez kahan hai?

Sardar: mareez koi nahi hai,Taxi wala 500 mang raha tha.

Dad: Beta Is Bar Exam Main Tujhe 90% Lane Hyn. Kuch bhi kar Ke.

Son: Nahi Dad, Me Tou Is Bar 100% Launga!

Dad: Q Mazaq Kar Raha Hai?

Son: Shuroo Kis Ne Kia? ... hahahahaa

Man : oye tera ek dant neela kaisey ho gia?

Sardar : Yaar mein ney ink lagayi hai.

Man : Woh kiyoun?

Sardar : Kyon k aaj kal blue tooth ka jamana hai yaar !!!
Paani mein Whiskey milao ta nasha charta hai.

Paani mein Rum milao to nasha charta hai.

Paani mein Brandy milao to nasha charta hai.

Saala paani mein hi koi burai hai. !!!!
You are a DOG…
D = Darling

O = Of

G = Girls

Now u r smiling na?
Am i right??

Tu sach mein kutta hai.
Mil gaya oye mil gaya Arey wah woh to


mil gaya










Santa to a doc: Apne nurse bahut achchi rakhi hai, uska haath lagtey hi mein theek ho gaya.Doc: Jaanta hoon, thappad ki awaaz mujhe bhi sunai di thi.
Biryani khaney ki nyat!!Mein nyat kerta hoin 4 plate biryani ki, vastey 15,20 boti k, bama zarda raita aur salad k . Muon mera deigh ki taraf Bismillah.............
2 sardaroin ko 2 bomb milay1 sardar:Chal police ko dey detey hain.2 sardar:Agar koi bomb rastey mein phat gia to?1 sardar:jhot bol dain gey k aik hi mila tha!!!

An elephant falls in love with an ant but ant'sparents r against their marriage........
guess y?........

They gave a solid reason........

"Larkay k daant bahar hain".................

Ek aadmi kabar par betha tha.Musafir ne pucha, dar nahi lagta ?Aadmi:darne ki kya baat hai ….?Ander garmi lag rahi thi to bahar aa gaya….!!!!
A young girl asked a Maulvigirl: Can i luv a man ? Maulvi: Astaghfirullahgirl: can i luv a boy?Maulvi : Nauzubillah girl : can i luv you? Maulvi: Bismillah ....
Aik plane nay rocket say pucha“tum itni taizi say kaisay urtay ho?

“tairay thalay koi agg laway tay pata chalay…”
Kya mamu apun ki yaad vaad nahi aa reli kya? kya apun hi tere ko aisa jhakas msg bhejta rehenga kya? bolo to tu bhi ek-do repchik msg chipka dal!! ______________
Boy:chalo kisi sunsan jahga chaltey haiGirl:tum asi vesi harkat tu nahi karogeyBoy:belkol b nahiGirl: tu pir rehney do janey ka kia faida
sms sms sms
SmS sMs SmS sMs
$M$ $m$ $M$ Bas
ab APKI bari
Mast nazaron se dekh lena tha agar tamanna thi aazmaane ki hum to behosh yoon hi ho jaateykiya zaroorat thi muskuraaney ki ...
800 kamron ka Mehal ho,
Motiyon se saja ho Darbar,
Income ho Arbon main,
Aur 200 Marcedes Car,
Sab mil sakta hai Sapnon main,
Is liye Jagna hai bekaar,
So ja mere yaar, So ja mere Yaar!

Teacher: Aaj tum late kyu aaye?School 7 baje shuru hota hai.Sardar: Sir! Aap meri fikr mat kia karo,School shuru karwa dia karo!
Sardar ne makhi k par tor k kaha,Urr ja.But..makhi nahin uri,Sardar ne kaha,Sabit hua agar makhi k par tor diyejain to makhi sun nahin sakti
Dil karta hai keh uss kay nazook hontoon koo chuum loonnnnn
Magar uss kee behteee hooyee naak nay meraa iradaa hee badal diyaaa.
sardar: meri biwi mujhe chor k chali gayi. freind: tu us ka khyaal nahi rekhta ho ga. sardar:arre yaar sagi behan ki terah rakhta tha






Mafi maang lo

Me buhat rhm dil hun..
Ek Memon ko Jin charh gaya,
3 din k baad Jin khud ek Aalim k paas gaya aur bola:
Aalim sahab mujhe bahar nikalo,
main to bhooka he mar jaonga
Sarcit : Hai Bhai ! Ye Barish Ke Time Par Bijli Kyon Hoti Hai ?
Munnabhai : Are Maamu, Uparwala Dekh Raha Hoga Ki Koi Sukha to Nahi Rahe Gaya Na.
A Sardar & his wife were waiting for trainitne main KHYBER MAIL aa gayeSardar bhag k train mein charhaorapni wife se bolajab khyber female aye to tum bhi ajana
KBC quiz show may Shahrukh ne mujh se poocha.

“Dunya ka sub se bara gadha kon hai?”

May ne 1 caror gawa dia per tera name nahi bataya….

sachi dosti.. yehi hai :D
Sardar to Girl friend Darling main tum se shaadi nahi karsakta gharwale mana karrahe hai. Girlfriend Tumhare ghar me kaun kaun hai. Sardar 1 biwi aur 3 bache.
Son to sardar
5+5 kitne hotay hain?
‘ullu de pathay,
Tujhe kuch nahi ata..
Jaa andar se calculator la.!!
Is Dil Me Tarane Bahut Hai,
Zindagi Jine Ke Bahane Bahut Hai,
Kis Kis Ko Sms Karun
Kambakht Is Nachiz Ke Deewane Bahut Hai

Boy Friend:
Kya Tum Meri Salary Main Guzara Kr Logi ? ? ?

Girl Friend:
Main Tou Guzara Ker Loongi Kr Loongi . . . Par Tumhara Kia Ho ga
Mujhe SMS karo aur pao Bumper prize. 19" TV ka diba, Dubai janey wale jahaz ko TA TA karney ka mauqa,10 lakh wali car ka Photo,ek Dinner wo bhi aap ke ghar....
7 saal pehly meri gf k sary bhai ghar pe rehty thay or date marna imposibl tha!Aj sub aate ki line mai khary rehty hain faraq toh parah hai geo Musharraf
Teacher: tumhari abhi pitae karti ho nakhoon(nails) q nahee katay?
Student: M,m,m,m,miss ma to subha roz kattaa ho par van ka driver itni slow drive karta hai k rastay ma he nails bar jatay hai
Unki gali ke chakkar katate katate
Kutte bhi humare yaar ho gaye
Vo toh hamare na ho sake
Hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye
pathar se dosti, jaan ko khatra,sardar se dosti, dimaag ko khatra,sarab se dosti, lever ko khatra,humse dosti, waqt bewaqt sms ka khatra
Dosti kro college wali se, Ishq larao office wali se, Flirt kro pros wali se, Pyar kro dilwali se, ankh larao sali se, aur maar khao ger wali se
1 Pathan exam dene gaya to sath may PLUMBER ko le kar gya !


Pathan ko information mili thi k paper leak ho gya hai :D
Lady Teacher: Bilee key itney sarey bachey kun hotey hain?
Student: Miss agar aap bhi kaprey utar kar bahir ghoomain to aap key us sey bhi ziada hoongey.
koi gham nahi magar dil udas hai,tujhse koi rishta nai fir b ek aas hai kehne ko buhat hain apne magr tu ek khas he ZYADA EMOTIONAL NA HONA UPAR SAB BAKWAAS HAI

Sardar ji apni behan ke sath ja rahe thae aik admi ne awaz de sardar ji MASHOOQA ke sth kidhar ja rahe ho? Sardar ji ne admi ko aik thuper mara aur bolae mere tu behan hai MAHOOQA ho gi tumhare

kehtain hain ke ISHQ main nind Urjati haiKehtian hain ke ISHQ main nind urjati haiKoi Ham Say Bhee Ishq Karay Koi Ham Say Bhee Ishq KarayKambakhat Nind Bohot Aati hai !

Husband: Ye bacha mera ha Wife: Waah G Waah!Bartan mera,Doodh mera,Thorra sa Qattra kye daal dia k sara dahi tera
70 Years Old Man : Dil Chaahta Hay Ke Shadi Kar Loon. Friend : Kr Lo Old Man : Kisi Bewa Se Kr Loon? Friend : Kisi Kunwari Se Hi Kar Lo,Bewa Apne Ap Ho Jaegi

Aurton ki adat hy parda karna

Doosron sy nin apnon sy

Bhla kiun ?

Kahin pehchan na lain!
Pataane Se Na Pate,Esi Koi
Ladki Nahi.
Agar Fir Bhi Na Pate,To Duniya Me Ladkio Ki Koi Kami Nahi
Aisa Dostana hamara,
Mai Kashti tu Kinara,
Mai Dhanush tu Teer,
Mai Matar tu Paneer,
Mai Varsha tu Badal,
Mai Hot tu Cool,
Mai April tu…?
1 admi ne ghalti se bijli ka tar cho lia, wo marne hi wala tha k usi waqt light chali gaye or wo marne se bach gia, us ne khushi se jhoom ker kaha {GEO MUSHARAF}
Ek Bueaty Parlor K Publicity Board Pe Likha Tha..

“Parlor Se Niklne Wali Kisi B Haseen-O-Jameel Larki Ko Na Chairaa Jaye Ho Skta Hai Wo Ap Ki Saas Ho”


1 charsi eyes donate kerne gaya,
After operation,
Dr. Asks:
Kuch kehna chahte ho?
Charsi:jisko bhi ankhen lagao
use bata dena
ye 2 kash laganay
k baad he khulti hain
URDU ki ****KITAB****main likha hai
edhar kia deakh raha hai bola na urdu ki kitab may likha hai..
Sardar went out to buy an Indian flag.
The shop owner gave him the flag. Guess what did he ask next...
Ismein aur colour dikhayiye.
Itni shiddat se maine degree paane ki koshish ki hai,
k har zarre ne mujhe marks dilaane ki saazish ki hai...
Wo kehte hai na k agar tum dil se kisi subject me pass hona chaho,
to sari kayenaat tumhe pass karwane me lag jati hai..
Ye exams bhi apni hindi filmo ki tarah hote hai,
ant tak sab kuch acha ho hi jata hai Happy Endings.
Aur agar acha nahi hota to exam abhi khatam nahi hua.. Supplementary abhi baki hai mere dost..
FOOL se,
FOOL ne,
FOOLon ki FOOLwari me,
FOOL ke sath wish kiya,
You are the most
ColorFOOL &
WonderFOOL among all FOOLS.
Shaadi aur mobile me kya similarity hai?
Sirf dimag me ek hi sooch aati hai ki,
Thode din aur ruk jata to naya model mil jata
A Sardar went 2 hotel, ordered chiken, Waiter comes with the order, Surdar:Murgi di taang kithe hai? Waiter:Woh langra tha. Surdar: Dil? Waiter:Dil murgi le gayee. Surdar: Dimaag? Waiter: Murga SARDAR tha!!!
Memon K Ghar Guest Aye

Bivi Ne Kaha.

Jao Mehmano K Liye Kuch Le Kar Aao

Memon Bahar Gaya Aur TAXI Le Aya!
Chand pe kali ghata to aati to hogi,Sitaaron ko muskurahat aati to hogi.Tum laakh chupao duniya se magar,Akele me tumhe apni shakal pe hansi aati to hogi...


Dil me chahat ka diya jalakar chhup gaya koi,
sawaal laakh kiya par jawab dene se inkaar kar gaya koi,
yeh dard kya hota hai maloom na tha kabhi hume,
khushi dene ka waham lekar, umr bhar ka gham de gaya koi
shaam hotay hi sab charagh bujha deta hoon mein
ik dil hi kafi hay teri yaad mein jalney ke lye
Kismat par aetabar kisko hai
Mil jaye khusi inkar kisko hai
Kuch majbooriya hain mere dost
Warna judai se pyar kisko hai
Bekhudi ki zindagi hum jiya nahin karte
Jaam doosron se cheen kar hum piya nahin karte
Unki mohabbat hai to aakar izhaar karein
Peecha hum bhee kisi ka kiya nahin karte
Kitni jaldi ye mulaqaat guzer jati ha.
Peyaas bujhte nahi barsaat guzer jati ha.
Apni yaadoon say kaho youn na aaya karain.
Need aati nahi or raat guzer jati ha.
Zindagi ae zindagi humein Tum se koyi tamanna kab hai
Mein to iss aas per jee rahaHoon ke marna kab hai.
Ankho me Aakar Ruk Jate Hai Ansu,
Palko pe Aakar Ruk Jate Hai Ansu.
Dil to Karta Hai Bah Jane Du,
Magar Apko Hasta Dekh Sukh Jate Hai Ansu.
Dil dost ko do ge to dost banao ge
saathi ko do ge to saathi banao ge
gheron ko doge qadar karvao ge
or agar apno ko doge to pachtao ge
Us ke intezaar se bhala kya ho ga haasil
Aane ka keh kar bhi jo aaya nahi karte
Rakhte hon jo dard bhara dil apne seene mein
Doosron ka dil phir woh dukhaya nahi karte
Hasna muskuraana zindagi hai,
has kar gum boolana Zindagi hai,
jeet kar hanse to kya hanse,
haar kar khushiyan manaana Zindagi hai.
Jiski Talash hai Usko pata bhi nahi
Hamari Chahat ko Usne samja hi nahi
Hum puchhte rahe ki Kya Tumhe Humse Pyaar hai
Aur Woh kehte rahe ki Unhe pata hi nahi
khayal ko kisi aahat ki aas rehti hai
nigah ko kisi surat ki pyas rehti hai
tere bina kisi chez ki kami to nahi magar
tere bina zindagi udas rehti hai
woh mil jaate hain kahani ban ker,
dil main bus jaate hain nishani ban ker.
jinhay hum rkhtay hain apni ankhon main
kyon nikal jaate hain woh pani ban ker.
Rishton Ki Baat Na Yuon Chali Hoti
Daman Mein Aag Na Yuon Lagai Hoti
Zindagi To Weyse Hi Pareshan Thi Apni
Aur Na Meri Pareshani Yuon Barhai Hoti
Na Karta Shikayat Zamane se Koi
Agar Maan Jata Manane Se Koi
Kisi Ko Kyon Yad Karta Koi
Agar Bhool Jata Bhulane Se Koi
Na Chain Hai Na Sukoon Hai
Ye Kaisa Mera Haal Hai
Raatein Ho Gayi Hain Itni Lambi
Jo Kaate Nahin Katti
Na Bhook Hai Na Pyaas Hai
Na Koyi Aas Hai Na Koyi Paas Hai
Bus Ek Tera Ehsas Hai
Jam pe jam pine se kya fayda,
Sham ko pi subah utar jayegi,
Arey do boond dosti ke pi le,
Zindagi saari nashe mein guzar jayegi
Wakt ke dayare se hum nikal na jaye.Aap ke dil se hum kahi utar na jaye.Hum roz yaad dilayenge apni.Warna aap kahi hame bhul na jaye..
main lafzon mai kuch bhi izhar nahi karta! iska matlab ye nahi k main tujhe pyar nahi karta! chahata hoon main tujhe aaj bhi par! teri soch main apna waqt bekar nahi karta! tamasha naa ban jaaye kahi mohabbat meri! isi liye apne dard ko namoodaar nahi karta! jo kuch mila hai usi mei khush hoon main! tere liye khuda se taqraar nahi karta! par kuch to baat hai teri fitrat mein zalim! warna Mein tujhe chahne ki khata bar bar nahi karta!
Ye Kasa Moujza Mere Khuda Ne Ker Diya
Seenay Me Mere Noor Hi Noor Bhar Diya

Rooh Tarapti Ha Meri Jab Sochon Jahannum Ka
Hum Ko Nek Bana Ghaflat-E-Neend Se Tu Jaga

Yun Tark-e-Mohabbat Teri Dil Lagi Ho Shayad
Tere Seene Main Bhi Ye Aag Lagi Ho Shayad
Na Mujhe Azma Itna Ke Jan Se Guzar Jaon
Mere Wajood Main Teri Hai Jan Ho Shayad…!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Islamic Sms messages

Farmane Rasool (Pbuh)
Jo Muslman Apny Bhae Ki Hajat Ravae Kry Ga

“Allah” Us Ki Hajat Ravae Kry Ga.
(Farmany Rasool Ko Prhna & Phelana Sadqa-E-Jarya Hy)
The beautiful word is ALLAH,
Most beautiful song is AZAN,
Best exercise is NAMAZ,
World perfect book is QURAN,
And You are so lucky if YOU are a MUSALMAN
Never A Weakness That He Can’t Fill,
Never A Sickness That He Can’t Heal,
Never A Sorrow That He Dsn’t Share,
Moment By Moment- You Are Under GOD’s Care.
ALLAH Answers Prayers In Three Ways:
He Says Yes And Gives You What You Want. He Says No And Gives You Better. He Says Wait And Gives You The
Best In His Own Time.
The Shortest Distance between a Problem and it's Solution is the Distance between your Knees and the Floor. The one who Kneels to Allah (Ta'ala) can Stand Up to Anything.
AKHRAT” Andhaira Hai
Js Ka Chirag “NAIK AMAL” Hai
“DUNYA” Ki Mohobat Andhaira Hai
Js Ka Chirag “TAQWA” Hai
“GUNAH” Andhaira Hai
Js Ka Chirag “TOBA” Hai
“QABR” Andara Hai Js Ka Chirag”KALMA E TAYABA”Hai
“PUL SIRAT” Andhaira Hai
Js Ka Chirag”YAQIN” Hai

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